Make your numbers work for you.

Senior Finance Officer Support for your Growing Business. 

Do you have an effective finance function?  

Do you have regular, timely management information to inform your decision making? 

No?  Be Amazing is here to help you. 

We understand that without this information at your finger tips you will not be able to make informed business decisions or manage your cash flow. 

From accounting systems set up to board level support, we can design a bespoke package to perfectly match the needs of your business at a fraction of the cost of taking on a full time finance officer. 

Our bespoke financial support packages are delivered by a finance professional who has hands on experience of growing their own manufacturing business and a long standing career in business support. 

Your Finance Team.

As you grow your business you need to keep your eyes on profitability and cash flow, but you don't need to be the one who is performing the day to day accounting. 

As part of setting up and developing your systems we will coach and support your staff to enable them to operate the system.

We can also assist with the recruitment of the finance team if you don't currently have the right staff in place. 

Strategic Support.

We will attend monthly board meetings and give strategic support to enable you to make your business vision become a reality. 

We will hold you to account to ensure meetings are productive, not simply talking shops. 

Make your business Amazing and achieve the growth you deserve. 

Fill out our contact form today and start making your numbers work for you. 

Amazing Services to Enable and Inspire Growth 

It's not just about the numbers. 

So now you have a great accounting system and timely financial reports. 

But your business still isn't achieving the growth it is capable of. Why ? 


They can make or break a business. 

Do you understand your team ?

Are they working towards the common business vision ? 

Do you have effective team meetings ?

Be Amazing can help you to ensure you are getting the best out of your people and that they are engaged and inspired. 

If you are struggling with performance management or just lacking inspiration yourself then Be Amazing can help you, fill out the contact form to find out more.