Believing in the Future

Believing in the Future

Launching my new venture Be Amazing Ltd, I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support received from my friends in the business world.

Not just my colleagues who sit around the Be Amazing board table, as yet not really clear where the journey is going to take them but absolutely committed nonetheless.

But also my network of friends in the professional world.

Sagars have not only provided me with a brilliant orange umbrella to cope with the adverse conditions but have offered a huge amount of faith and support as we make the challenging start up journey.

Clarion too have been terrifically supportive giving us a comfortable home in their offices and an endless supply of coffee and biscuits (thank you Gary) and advice as we have battled to articulate our vision and strategy.

I look forward to building long and lasting relationships with both these partners.

There is no certainty of any gains for either my team or my support partners but life certainly feels warmer and brighter with the focus on long term rewards rather than short term wins.