Made Festival

A Business Festival with BOOM !

Wow, what a day full of inspiration the MADE festival was –impossible to capture the energy of the day on the page but here are some snippets!

There were some giants on the stage who filled the beautiful City hall with energy and let loose some powerful reflections which, hopefully, will lead to the rise of more budding entrepreneurs taking the leap of faith into the world of business.

Definitely worth a big mention is Nigel Risner, a constant energetic undercurrent of the Festival, who kept the event running smoothly and, provided some great entertainment along the way.

After each speaker he raised the following question:

“so what are you going to do differently now?”

It’s all very well to sit and listen to inspirational speakers but it must result in action, a lesson that each and every person should carry forward with them, in personal life and particularly within the ever-changing world of business.

One of his more profound statements was that

“The universe rewards actions not thoughts”

I think the resonance of that will stay with me for quite some time, particularly in a week which has ended with a set back, I will now be taking action to move myself forward.

So, if you don’t get any further with this blog, at least go and do something differently today that gets you closer to your goal.

Nigel then donned a variety of hats to leave us with a great message, which was to “be an effective zoo keeper”.

Understanding that we are all different is the very first step and Nigel encouraged us, by using his hats, to identify not only ourselves but also the various animal qualities that make us all different.

Monkeys – all over the place but full of energy and enthusiasm believing anything is possible

Lions – powerful achievers with purpose and direction

Dolphins – lovers of the world and all its inhabitants

Elephants – quiet contemplators, in need of detail

The second step, the more significant one, is learning to moderate our communication to engage with different audiences. This cuts across all conversations whether with customers, suppliers or employees; what works for monkeys doesn’t work for dolphins!

Throughout the day he shared some other great snippets

 “If you’re in the room be in the room”

“Take notice not notes “ 

sorry Nigel, forgive me for ignoring that last one.

My absolute favourite speaker of the day was Petra Wetzel of West Beer, but that’s not an unbiased opinion as I am lucky to number Petra amongst my closest friends.

Petra’s presentation was raw and human, her journey hasn’t been without pain but her resilience and determination have made her the success she is today.

What’s so amazing about this feisty Bavarian turned Glaswegian is that despite her success, she has maintained her humility and is driven more by leaving a legacy than making a personal fortune.

Petra is a woman who is definitely in the room when she is in it!

As a result the room just feels a little bit different once she’s gone.


My unbiased favourite speaker of the day was Anthony the “phone assassin”. He has a lovely refreshing approach to his subject that is, essentially, mastering the art of cold calling and tele sales.

He is anything but an assassin as he talks about the importance of good manners and making human connections with a call to talk more and email less.

Selling isn’t about being great at sales, it’s about being really good at helping customers to buy.

Just with that one small thought the business of selling seems instantly more appealing.

Whilst this feels like a cringe worthy subject he brings such charm and fresh thinking to the subject, that you feel you might just be able to pick up that phone and win that elusive business but remember, there’s another person on the end of the line.

“A conversation goes two ways, a pitch is one way”

These are just a few extracts from the day, which with amazing content and great networking left me and hopefully many more of the audience, feeling that anything is possible and your dreams can become a reality.

Huge thanks to all both front stage and back stage who made this inspirational day happen.