Leeds business week

A few thoughts on the week that was Leeds Business Week

Its one of a set of three called Man with Potential Selves (1)

The big Leeds Business Week has certainly been a week for considering potential.

We do indeed have many potential selves and understanding the skills required to capture and fulfil those different selves was at the core of some of last week’s events and seminars. I’m sure that many of us will now take pause to think about our potential selves and the opportunities, which could stretch in front of us, regardless of the stage we have reached in our business and personal lives.

Congratulations and thanks to Yorkshire Mafia for organising what was a great week for learning and enriching, and hopefully many budding and experienced entrepreneurs will now be further motivated to grasp the opportunities in front of them and rise above the challenges which will undoubtedly face them on their entrepreneurial journey.

The image above is of the dreaming self.

We should all dream,

And then we should have the courage to take action.

We should be brave enough to change direction.

We should have the courage and resilience to fail knowing that failure is part of the journey to success.

But the biggest message of the week for me is that we don’t have all the answers and we should grasp whatever support is available on our journey, the Yorkshire Mafia and the Business Week being just one element of the support, which we are lucky to have here in Yorkshire.

Thank you to all those that made it happen. 

Have a great week achieving your potential.