Why are you so petrified of Silence?

Why are you so petrified of Silence?

Are we all getting a little bit too afraid of being alone and being silent and what is the worst that could actually happen if we stopped looking for a distraction and actually allowed the silence to happen?

There is so much noise in the modern world, and I worry that all this noise is actually going to stop us from thinking and so miss out on opportunities to find creative solutions to some of our modern day challenges.

Out on my beloved bike again this morning I wondered why the experience was so pleasurable and it came to me that the answer was more than anything, due to the silence which I could enjoy, although I have to admit that the exhilaration of climbing and descending some clear stretches of open road was high on the list too!

It’s the fact that it’s a long silence not just a quick break in-between phone calls, emails, news stories that it gave me time enough to think.

I processed the events of my week and thought about opportunities to develop my new business.

Alanis asks what you think about in that petrifying silence

“Did you think about your bills, your ex, your deadlines”?

So isn’t this the point,

if we give ourselves enough silence then we really can shift up a gear away from the mundane and start being more creative and find longer lasting solutions to some of the challenges.

(1)Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morisette – 1995