Why did I get up so early this morning?

Why did I get up so early this morning?

Stumbling out of my bed at 5am I set off for my journey to London with mixed feelings, part excited anticipation and part nerves, secretly hoping for some error in my journey planning which might mean I had an excuse to opt out.

Arriving in London I was as usual lifted by the energy and buzz of the capital as I strode out in the sunshine towards my destination.

However once I reached the City Academy I was slightly perturbed, the venue was locked up with no sign of life inside.

I strolled around for a while wondering if this was a sign that I should just find something else to occupy myself for the day.

Eventually the venue was opened and my fellow would be writers shuffled in and the day began.

It was immediately an engaging and interactive experience as we launched into a lesson in writing structure by playing the old-fashioned paper game of consequences.

Shyama was an absolutely superb tutor and created a lovely collaborative atmosphere, which encouraged us all to write and share in a really open manner with some happy and some darker memories being drawn out of our written ramblings.

The day was totally absorbing and now not only do I have a bank of writing tips to guide me I am delighted to say that I am also part of a writing group.

Another fantastic experience in realising the power of having a peer group as you wander into an uncertain future

A new experience it seems to me nearly always has a positive outcome and we shouldn’t be afraid to venture into the unknown.