Viv Parry

Viv is a Chartered Accountant and Business Owner with many years' experience of Financial Management and Reporting

Viv Parry

Viv has grown a manufacturing business from £100k to £1.6m with a team of 32 people. The business was built on a strong foundation of relationships with customers, suppliers and support services.

One of the factors contributing to her success has been her financial acumen, she has never underestimated the importance of Cash flow management and understands how to Access Finance for growth.

Viv can support you, not just with her Financial knowledge, but also uses her interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to Mentor and Inspire individuals & their teams.

She isn't afraid to challenge and will happily act as a sounding board for ideas and growth plans.

Her vision is to Inspire and Enable business owners to achieve success and provide them with a knowledgeable support network.

Please contact Viv on if you are interested in One to One mentoring or coaching for your team, or if you need support in your Finance & Accounts department.

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