Because we can all be Amazing.

We all have Amazing within us but sometimes fear and the need to conform, prevent us from allowing our Amazing to shine. 

Viv is the founder of Be Amazing, she is a Chartered Accountant and Business Owner with many years experience of Financial Management and Reporting. 

She is now on a mission to share and recycle her knowledge and experiences to unlock, enable and inspire Amazing in others. 

She has a natural emotional intelligence combined with specific people skills and qualifications including DiSC certification. 

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Viv has grown a manufacturing business from £100k to £1.6m with a team of 32 people. The business was built on a strong foundation of relationships with customers, suppliers and support services.

One of the factors contributing to her success has been her financial acumen, she has never underestimated the importance of Cash flow management and understands how to Access Finance for growth.

Viv can support you, not just with her Financial knowledge, but also uses her interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to Mentor and Inspire individuals & their teams.

She isn't afraid to challenge and will happily act as a sounding board for ideas and growth plans.

Her vision is to Inspire and Enable business owners to achieve success and provide them with a knowledgeable support network.

Viv is a qualified DiSC practitioner. She has used DiSC profiling to help teams understand each other's motivators and stressors, working through conflict situations to faciltate alignment of goals. 

Please contact Viv on if you are interested in One to One mentoring or coaching for your team, or if you need support in your Finance & Accounts department.

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Public Speaking. 

Viv is also available for storytelling and is happy to talk about failure not just success. Viv is inspiring and energising, speaking from the heart not from a script. Some recent feedback: 

"Absolutely loved her. Love her attitude to life and her willingness to share it. Made me laugh and made me reflect. Will remember this talk and reflect on it regularly as I go about my daily life" 

"Absolutely brilliant! Listening to Viv makes me feel a lot more normal. Very inspiring lady with an honesty and humour exceeding other business speakers I have seen." 

"Empowering and inspirational. Am now ready to channel my anger and fears into something powerful." 

"Thank you for your braveness and for reminding me to be brave. You've inspired me to actively seek out my business fears and to walk through them." 

"Viv, your insights resonated with me on many different levels. At Entrepreneurial Spark we talk about how failing is an opportunity to learn in business but actually it is just as important with your personal life too. I also spent many years in a position (work) where I was not happy and I took far too long to make a brave move. Thank you." 

"Very inspiring and to the point. The parts about bringing up children particularly rang true. Be yourself."