Craig Burton

Craig has worked within the recruitment industry for over 25 years and understands the importance of finding great people to make a business successful. Craig understands the power of people and the importance of a robust recruitment strategy. Through his work with business owners and senior managers from one-man bands to corporate giants, Craig has been instrumental in creating and developing teams, which have enabled and inspired business growth.

His mantra is “recruit slow and fire fast” 

Craig is an extremely diverse and generous individual who has not only founded and successfully grown his own scalable recruitment business but has also become a great mentor to many individuals and business owners. He is a true friend to many. 

Craig Burton

Craig is a popular face on the Leeds business circuit and a great networker, introducer and collaborator and is know as the “creative ideas man”. He writes various recruitment columns for some of Leeds most popular business magazines and on-line publications. Craig is a great public speaker, capable of captivating an audience with his advice, leadership and knowledge drawing on his own successful business experience. But not least he is a charming individual who always has time to talk and explore new ideas and offer guidance.

He works hard on many altruistic projects including Vision Africa and is a leading light in the Rotary Organisation.

Craig is fluent in French and has a passion for the arts and brings the “Joie de vivre” to any situation.