Viv our founder, offers one to one coaching, board advice and support with access to finance, helping you to unlock the potential of your business.




What we Offer



We offer one to one coaching to help you work through your business challenges.


We will cut through the mist and together create a clear actionable plan to bring you focus and accountability.


We love to work with people who have a vision, we are focused on continuous improvement and growth.



Board Advisory


We bring objectivity and new thinking at board level.


Very often boards get stuck in their own echo chamber. We aim to disrupt and challenge current thinking.


Our board advisory service will enable effective decision making and strategic planning.





We provide finance director level support for specific projects, cash flow management and access to finance.


Not all businesses have access to timely and accurate management information and face challenges accessing working capital or funding for growth.


Our bespoke finance support will enable you to unlock the potential of your business.


Once we have worked with you to create a detailed financial plan we can then connect you with funding providers.


How it Works

  • Contact us outlining your current challenge or opportunity
  • We will then arrange a free exploratory phone consultation
  • Following the call we will create for you a bespoke programme to resolve your challenge
  • Then your Amazing journey begins


Our services take place over online channels such as Zoom. If it is essential, we will arrange on site visits and meetings.


For pricing please get in touch.

Get in Touch

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